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At Travis Monument Group, we are experienced in working with families of the Jewish faith and will work with you to create a beautiful memorial that honors your family’s heritage and traditions. We offer a range of Jewish monument and headstone styles that can be completely customized with inscriptions and symbols reflecting your loved one’s faith. Our stonemasons combine traditional old-world techniques with the most modern technology to create stunning memorials that will honor the life of your loved one for generations to come. We also have staff on hand that read and write Hebrew so we are able to assist families in adding their loved one’s names and dates in Hebrew, honoring their life and traditions for generations to come.

Jewish Memorial Traditions

Jewish Memorial Traditions

While there are no set decrees about the shape and size of Jewish memorials and headstones, many cemeteries do have guidelines that must be followed. You can rest assured that our experts will work with the cemetery to ensure your monument follows these protocols. Traditionally, Jewish headstones will include the English and Hebrew name of your loved one and their relationship to others in your family and may include additional Hebrew inscriptions.

Many families choose to have a headstone or grave marker placed in an unveiling ceremony, after the Kaddish period is over, but not more than a year after their passing. When visiting a gravesite, it is customary to place a small stone on the monument, indicating that someone has been there to pay their respects.

Examples of Our Design Work

Travis Monuments does more than provide just a “Head-Stone” for a passed Loved one’s final resting place. I am eternally grateful for their beautiful work and Help at a Most Stressful time-God Bless them.

– Mitchell Chasmar