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Single monuments are memorials designed to honor the life of one person. There are many different types of single monuments to choose from depending on your tribute preferences. Some areas of your chosen cemetery may also specify which type of memorial you can use.

Single Upright Monuments

Single Upright Monuments

Also known as headstones, single upright monuments are what most families think of when imagining a traditional burial monument. Because of their large, flat surface area, single upright monuments allow for maximum personalization options. Upright monuments also offer many customization options of edges and shapes.

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Slant Memorials

Slant memorials are shorter grave markers that feature a face that is elevated in the rear and lower in the front. These memorials are designed to be elevated from the ground, presenting a flat surface that still allows space for personalization. The slanted face on these works of art allows them to be easily viewed.

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Single Slant Memorials
Single Lawn Level Markers

Single Lawn Level Markers

Single lawn level markers are a flat, ground-level memorialization option and are commonly seen in cemeteries and memorial gardens. Lawn level markers can be personalized for your loved one with engraving or etching and are traditionally one of the most economic choices for families.

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Examples of Our Design Work

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Honor The Life Of Your Loved One

Single monuments allow you the opportunity to visually illustrate and honor the life of your loved one. Our experts will work with you every step of the way to design a custom monument that celebrates your loved one while also following any cemetery recommendations and regulations. We are available to answer any questions you may have, contact us now to get started on your design.

Anthony/Charles: Thank you very much for the photos, and more importantly, thanks for the great work you did on my mother’s memorial. It looks great. It has been a distinct pleasure working with you and knowing that this was in good hands. I also would like to thank you for the sensitivity and caring that you showed in this time, which sometimes remains difficult for me.

– Cathy