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Though monuments are painstakingly designed to withstand the elements, they will start to show signs of age over time. At Travis Monument Group, we are experts at cleaning, repairing, and restoring stone monuments. Over eight generations, we have developed proprietary cleaning and repair protocols to make sure your monument is refurbished to as close to original as possible. We are dedicated to the art and science of restoration because we know an intact monument means a great deal to surviving family members.

At Travis Monument Group, we use only the highest quality granite and stone from Rock of Ages, which is backed by the best warranty available. Read more about the quality and wide selection of granite choices we offer.


Almost any type of stone, including marble, granite, slate, and brownstone, can be restored effectively, thanks to the top-of-the-line scouring techniques developed by Charles Minozzi Sr. during his many years of experience.

Charles Sr. has earned a reputation for being especially skilled in this area and is sought out by churches, cemeteries, shrines, and seminaries all over the region to employ his proprietary method for reconditioning old marble statuary.

The result is a finish so durable it actually resists weather and maintains its beauty even longer than when it was new. Learn more about our proprietary cleaning techniques in the blog below.

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At Travis Monument Group, we have decades of experience repairing monuments and gravestones of all sizes, shapes, and materials. Over the years, we have successfully restored hundreds of monuments across the communities we serve. Our experts have a deep knowledge of fabrication and professional repair techniques, and we begin each restoration project by first understanding the stone a monument is constructed from.

Over many years of freezing and thawing and because of topography and other factors, the earth can settle. In these cases, even the sturdiest and most properly positioned monuments can move from their original position or become skewed. Because they can weigh well over 500 pounds, these pieces require special planning and equipment to return to their proper place, which we can provide.

Monument Repair


Unfortunately, gravesites and markers are also occasionally subject to vandalism. In August of 2019, our community experienced an appalling string of vandalism at Calvary Cemetery in New Windsor. Criminals knocked over about 70 headstones at gravesites and damaged numerous other items, according to investigators.

Read the news story about the incident here.

Alongside many kindhearted members of the community, our Orange County Monuments location volunteered our resources and knowledge to help put the cemetery memorials back together. Using our specialized equipment and experience, we worked hand in hand with other citizens to right a serious wrong.

We are proud to say we were able to restore this important resting place to its original splendor and ease the hearts of the families whose loved ones’ memorials were threatened.

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If you are interested in using our professional cleaning, repair, and restoration services to return your monument or grave marker to its original appearance, please don’t hesitate to call for a free estimate today.

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Do the right thing, no matter what. Our name is on each monument we make.

– Anthony M. Minozzi

Vice President