Travis Monument Group proudly designs, builds, and installs legacy mausoleums to an extremely strict standard of craftsmanship. In fact, we create more mausoleums than any other company in the area. From design to skilled construction to final touches, we treat the site with the reverence and patience your family’s current generation and those to come deserve.

Caresca Family Mausoleum

Preserve Your Family’s Legacy

Mausoleums are above-ground granite or stone structures or buildings in cemeteries or located on private estates for permanently memorializing a family group. Mausoleums allow families the opportunity to entomb their loved ones in crypts above ground, in a beautiful, private, and sheltered place. These large interment structures are typically made of granite but can be embellished with bronze and marble accessories to enhance their elegance.

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Mausoleums That Stand The Test Of Time

We work directly with Rock of Ages, the leading mausoleum manufacturer in the Northeast, which means we enjoy exclusive and timely access to their valuable services. Travis Monument Group is the only authorized Rock of Ages retailer in both Rockland and Putnam Counties. We use Rock of Ages exclusive Sealmark™ granite, which means mausoleums are guaranteed forever.

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The Mausoleum Design Process

In order to custom design your family mausoleum, we start with a consultation in order to get to know you and your loved ones and to understand your wishes. The design is a collaborative effort, based on your expectations and our knowledge of what can be achieved for today and maintain its beauty and structural integrity into tomorrow.

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icon pencil and rulerThe timeline and cost of designing and constructing a mausoleum can vary widely, depending upon the stone and design chosen. We will work with you to ensure that we create a mausoleum that reflects both the importance of the life being honored and is financially feasible for your family.

Mausoleum IconTravis Monument Group offers both pre-fabricated mausoleum structures as well as built-on-site mausoleum structures, depending on accessibility to the land and complexity and size of the building. Once you and your family are comfortable and have expressly approved the plan, we build it piece-by-piece at Travis Monument Group.

Many Travis Monument Group mausoleum buildings have solid, one-piece roofs and floors, made possible by Rock of Ages, who prepares one-piece slabs from their own Vermont granite quarries, especially for the larger designs. The purpose of using the solid floor and roof is to ensure unmatched levels of structural integrity and durability and to reduce the chances of water penetration into the building.

Rock of Ages quarried stone can withstand the elements in perpetuity and, combined with exacting construction techniques, ensures your loved one rests in peace.

Lelovich Family Mausoleum

Why Do Families Choose Private Mausoleums

Mausoleum Installation

icon pencil and ruler After designing and creating the components of a unique memorial with you, Travis Monument Group can also provide safe delivery and expert installation. This is no small feat. The placement of a memorial must be undertaken with forethought and planning as well as a deep knowledge of the trade, the materials, and the site requirements.

icon pencil and ruler Because we are well-versed in the technical aspects of memorial construction, we attend to details such as proper mortar ratios, leveling, turf condition, and other important practical details beforehand to create an enduring memorial to your loved one. To start, each component of your memorial is carefully pre-packaged for travel, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition for installation.

icon pencil and ruler On site, we keep safety considerations at the forefront so that our team stays out of harm’s way as they lift and move the weighty components of your loved one’s memorial. By using a unique combination of trusted old-world techniques in conjunction with today’s most capable heavy machinery, we ensure correct and lasting placement.

icon pencil and ruler Each move is one of precision and care, orchestrated by Charles Sr., who is present at every installation, calling on his many years of experience to ensure the important requirements for proper installation have been met. At installation time, you are welcome to be a part of the process.

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Glimpse Of Our Mausoleums

Whether it is a mausoleum or a grave marker we were taught as kids learning the trade, everything we make gets our best work. We don’t leave the gravesite until it’s perfect. Measure twice and cut once, there is very little room for error when working in stone. I like to start with the end in mind, I visualize how would I want this if this was for my loved one?

– Charles Minozzi Jr.

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