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Event of Death

Even if it is anticipated, when someone you love has passed, it understandably comes as a shock. The most important thing you can do is give yourself time. Be sure you take the time you need to gather yourself, say goodbye, and take care of your family.

If you discover your loved one deceased, you will need to take practical action. To start, dial 911 so the dispatcher can assist you in contacting the proper authorities. After a loved one passes away, your next decision will need to be choosing a funeral home.

The Funeral Home

We recommend that you consult only a licensed Funeral Director to help you make arrangements. This ensures that the proper training, qualifications, and safeguards are in place to help your family select the service options that will suit you best.

The licensed Funeral Director will assist you regarding the cremation or burial process, as well as obtaining death certificates for your loved one.

Combined Funeral & Memorial Options

With all of the choices available for funeral arrangements, options have become more complex in recent years. Families must navigate decisions such as whether to use cremation or burial, which cemetery to select, how to schedule a viewing, or one of the many other services the funeral home may offer. Because you’re dealing with a great many arrangements at this time, breaking them into manageable categories can be helpful.

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At the funeral home, families are occasionally offered a memorial marker, headstone, monument services, and even an inscription. It may be tempting to proceed with a package memorial plan to complete the arrangements for your family member. However, through years of experience and research, we have found that a combined option may not serve your family well in the long run.

Ideally, when you are ready to create the memorial, you have already had the time you need to reflect and focus on the funeral of your loved one. When you approach the available memorial options with a calm, unhurried mind, you can understand your choices fully and select a memorial that evokes your loved one exactly.

Travis Monument Group can help you create a memorial to truly suit the spirit of your loved one. No matter what memorial options and inscription you choose, you can rely on our experienced stone cutters to use their artistic talent to deliver a beautiful and lasting memorial.

The Memorial

At Travis Monument Group, we are experts in stonework, memorials, monuments, and final inscriptions, and we have been satisfying families for eight generations. You can count on us to deeply consider every aspect of your memorial and work with you every step of the way.

We also take pride in our deep knowledge of area cemeteries and their local regulations. We design monuments that are permitted in cemeteries because we do our research prior to design and fabrication. We will make sure your memorial meets the parameters of the chosen cemetery.

Please allow us to help you during your time of grief and remembrance. We are deeply sorry for your loss and will be honored to assist you.

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Memorializing A Special Person

A desire to remember and be remembered is central to the human experience. As long as humans have walked the earth, people have been memorializing their loved ones with treasured ornaments, rare materials, and culturally significant markers.

Today, we feel the same human need to honor those precious to us. When we create a memorial to represent them, we can ease our grief, begin to heal, and recall the unique qualities of a life well-lived. Whether the memorial is big or small, traditional or modern, memorializing our loved ones allows us to continue our own journeys.

We offer free consultations to help grieving families understand their memorial options and to offer guidance and advice.

Travis Monuments does more than provide just a “Head-Stone” for a passed Loved one’s final resting place. I am eternally grateful for their beautiful work and Help at a Most Stressful time-God Bless them.

– Mitchell Chasmar