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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are monuments available in?

In many cases, monument size depends on cemetery rules regarding both the location where it will be installed and the plot size. We serve all of our area cemeteries and stay familiar with evolving rules and regulations. We are ready to advise you on the details of the cemetery rules as they apply to your situation.

What are the different costs associated with ordering a monument?

Many folks ask us about the cost of a memorial headstone. Because we believe there is no one-size-fits-all memorial, we pride ourselves on creating monuments for any budget. As custom fabricators, we can start from the ground up, building your monument in our design software with your budget in mind. With us, you are in control of costs. Call one of our memorial counselors and we can help you get started, based on the cemetery and gravesite.

What is included in the pricing?

We believe every memorial should be truly unique to your loved one and that individualization should not affect cost, so we include our custom design service for every memorial we craft at no additional charge.

What is the timeframe to fabricate a memorial?

Timeframes can vary widely from as little as two weeks to as much as four months, depending on the type of memorial and most importantly the origin of the granite selected by the customer. To keep the timeframe to a minimum, we maintain a considerable inventory of dozens of granite choices for you to choose from.

What shapes are available?

As custom monument designers and fabricators, we offer completely unique designs from start to finish for each and every family we work with. Some families like to match existing monuments, while others ask us to create something completely new. In both cases, we design something personal and individual for the life we’re celebrating — if you can imagine it, we can make it.

Are there different types of lettering?

There are many different types of lettering available in all sorts of styles. Our memorial counselors are familiar with various carving applications and how they create different visual effects. Your counselor will guide you through selecting the right carving style and font choice for your specific monument design.

Can you add an inscription if your company did not make the original monument?

Absolutely. Our in-house design and drafting team can re-create virtually any letter style, as well as any cut or carving technique. We have generations of experience fine tuning the specialty of replicating existing works. It is a point of pride that so many families have been pleased with, over our 100+ years performing this work.

Does granite color affect cost?

Like diamonds, metals and other natural materials, there are different grades and costs of granite varieties. The color, quality and grade of the stone you choose will affect the cost. Our memorial counselors are quarry-trained and certified to know the characteristics and associated costs of each type of granite we offer. We believe this is an area where we truly shine because we take the guesswork out of choosing the best granite for your monument.

Is the work done on the premises?

Unlike many places that order their monuments from a third-party vendor, our family designs and carves most of our memorials. In some cases, for example if the monument were too large or too heavy to fit in our facility, we partner with well-known Rock of Ages, trusted for their world-class craftsmanship.

Do you do inscriptions at the cemetery or is the monument removed and transported?

We can complete most inscriptions right at the cemetery gravesite without disturbing your monument. Should you request a more involved monument repair, we may suggest bringing your monument into our shop and repair facility to ensure the best outcome.

What colors are available?

We make sure we have dozens of North American granite colors available — and even more sourced from around the globe. Due to granite’s natural variations, we believe it’s important that you see the actual color you like in various lighting conditions and on a large enough scale to get a good feeling for how it will look on your memorial and why we recommend looking at actual monument samples instead of small granite samples or online photos.

Do you fabricate monuments in russian/cyrillic lettering? How does that work if you don’t read/write it?

After more than 100 years, we’ve accumulated quite a portfolio of customers. We routinely make monuments in virtually every language, and for a wide range of cultures. Some of the monuments and cultures we have created were for Eastern Orthodox, Greek, Cyrillic, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese speakers) and Korean families.

How long do I have to wait after the burial to place the stone?

Only you know when you’re ready to order a memorial and we recommend you base your decision on that. Our team can help advise you based on your specific cemetery and gravesite location.