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Companion monuments are memorials designed to honor the lives of two or more people and create an everlasting testament to their relationship. There are many different styles of companion monuments. Our experts will work with your family to help you choose the type that fits both your design needs and takes into account any cemetery requirements.

Companion Upright Monuments

Companion Upright Monuments

Companion upright monuments, or headstones, are the most traditional monument shape. They feature a large, flat surface area that can be personalized with a wide range of engraving or etching. Companion upright monuments can also be created in many different shapes, such as hearts, symbolizing the love shared between the honored couple.

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Slant Memorials

Companion slant memorials are shorter than upright monuments and feature a slanted face elevated from the ground that is easily viewed from above. The flat face allows for many personalization options.

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Companion Slant Memorials
Companion Lawn Level Marker

Companion Lawn Level Markers

Companion lawn level markers are flat, ground-level memorials and are a popular choice in cemeteries and memorial gardens. They can be personalized with custom engraving and etching options that honor the lives of your loved ones. Lawn level markers can be a more economical option for families.

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Examples of Our Design Work

branches and leaves

Relationships Memorialized

Companion memorials give families the unique opportunity to honor more than one loved one with a single monument, creating a special place of remembrance for generations to come. At Travis Monument Group, our caring staff will take the time to understand your loved ones and work with you to create a memorial that best honors their special relationship. We are experts at designing custom monuments while also taking into account any cemetery regulations. Contact us now to get started.

They handled every facet of my Dad and Moms monument as if they were Family, and I wish they were after everything they did for me and my Family. My needs went beyond the normal and they never blinked – always accommodating me with every curveball I threw them. If you find yourself in need of their craft , waste no time looking for help – just call them , and you will be able to do what you must , while they will handle everything else.

– Joe Gangone